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What is Get a Clue Room Escape

We are a family owned local escape room!  What exactly is an escape room? It is a hands on activity filled with riddles, puzzles and clues located in an immersive themed room. The room is filled with hands on clues and riddles that are mind challenging and sometimes physical. (Not too much in our rooms). Our rooms are made for ages 6 and older. Mostly the rooms are more for the adult entertainment, but have been a huge hit for the teen birthday parties. Since this an activity for communicating, this makes Team Building a new hands on activity, then just bowling. This really takes it up a notch for Board Meetings!

We have 2 great themed rooms, one is The Toy Shop, great for beginners and intermediate players, the other is Uncle Thaddeus Attic, which is more challenging.

Come Test your wits! You have 60 minutes to beat the clock…or just have fun!

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